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Raccoons are one of the most common animals that you may find in your attics or chimneys. These nuisance animals can cause a lot of damage to your home, and will usually leave droppings all over your attic insulation. If you have raccoons in your attic, it is best to call an expert like AAAC Wildlife Removal service for help. Give us a call today!

Raccoons in a yard
The only thing worse than raccoons on your deck is raccoons in your attic

We proudly provide raccoon removal services to the surrounding areas of Franklin, West Allis, Wauwatosa, Waukesha, Oak Creek, New Berlin, Mequon, Menomonee Falls, Greenfield, Brookfield, Greendale, and more!

AAAC Wildlife Removal of Milwaukee provides a wide variety of wildlife removal services, including raccoon removal. We have been in business for over 20 years and take pride in utilizing humane and safe removal methods for raccoons, skunks, mice, foxes, squirrels, snakes, bats, rats, birds, and other wild animals (except for cats and dogs). We also provide attic cleanup, damage repair work, and entry seal-up services.

The professionals at AAAC Wildlife Removal of Milwaukee know how best to get rid of these wild animals with minimum disruption while providing excellent customer service so you don’t go through this experience alone!

Raccoons in the Attic

You may have heard some noises in your ceiling or attic at night. Perhaps you noticed your garbage all over the lawn at dawn. If it wasn’t obvious, I am very certain that you’ve got a family of raccoons in your house or yard.

Were you aware that raccoons may see very well due to their masks? They may look cute with their little bandit masks, but these animals are not your average cuddly creatures. They will make a lot of noise during the nighttime hours while they look for food. This can be a problem for Milwaukee residents because they are attracted to potential food sources and troublesome behaviors such as tearing up insulation, chewing on electrical wires, and knocking down chimneys during the cold months when no food is readily available.

Did you know that raccoons have very sensitive front paws that almost act as a second set of eyes?

Milwaukee Raccoon Removal

Mother raccoons are just attracted to attics. They like to find a safe place high up and away from danger. Though they can also be found under sheds, in jacuzzis, and in outbuildings, for mother raccoons, your attic is the safest place for them to raise their young. They will use the insulation in the attic as a nest for babies to grow up in safety and protection from predators.

They will stay in your attic until they have to go out on the night hunt for food. Did you have any idea that raccoons eat both meat and plants? This means that they will eat anything such as fruit, vegetables, or meat (including insects). However, having them on your property is not a good idea because they can pose structural damage and health hazard.

As they stay for a longer time, they will start to make a mess on your property. They will leave droppings around that they would not bother cleaning up. Raccoon droppings are not only unsightly but they can cause allergic reactions and infections not just to your pets and family members. Apart from that, these wild animals are also known to chew on electrical wirings and insulation which could lead to an electric fire or shock hazard in your attic.

The best solution is hiring a humane trapping service provider that will employ the use of live traps; this can then allow the raccoon family to safely return outside, where it belongs. After the raccoons are removed from your property, it is important to have all the access points secured. As for raccoons, if there is shelter they will seek it!

For your raccoon removal service, call AAAC Wildlife Removal of Milwaukee today!

Raccoon Removal Milwaukee, WI

Usually, removing raccoons from your home requires trapping them, and it should be done by a certified trapper. You shouldn’t just visit the hardware shop and begin trapping wildlife with any kind of trap. Our experts are fully licensed and accredited by the state of Wisconsin.

We use humane traps, due to the fact that the last thing you need is the smell of dead wildlife floating down from the attic.

Humane traps normally are available in two forms

  • One-way trap doors
  • Two-way trap doors

A one-way trap does an adequate job, but a two-way door does a better job (because catches are more likely if it is a two-way door). You should lure your traps with tasty treats. The best bait would be pet food, but you can also use a marshmallow since it smells so good to a mother raccoon and is bright enough to stand out in a dimly lit attic.

Once your nuisance wildlife has been removed, it is important to identify and seal the entrance hole that lets those critters in, to begin with!

Here’s the Milwaukee Raccoon Removal Process we employ with our customers

  1. Set and bait traps
  2. Catch the target animal living in the attic
  3. Remove close-by food sources
  4. Seal up the entrance points so they can not return
  5. Clean-up the attic (Remove waste and change out insulation if needed)
  6. Fix any type of damage done to the exterior and interior.

Wildlife Removal vs Extermination

Hiring a wildlife exterminator or pest control company that uses poison to get rid of raccoons out of your property is a terrible idea! There are many risks associated with poisoning wild animals, the most obvious of which is that you now have an unsafe substance in your house. Aside from being ineffective and inhumane, it causes them to wander around your house and carry the poison with them, putting your family and household pets at risk.

A majority of poisons also make wildlife desperate for water, which in turn can cause them to damage your plumbing. The only effective way to get rid of wildlife without any dangerous side effects is through trapping or exclusion methods. Trapping and exclusion methods are commonly used by wildlife removal companies to remove raccoons from your house or building. Reach out to someone else if your pest control service company plans to poison the raccoons in your area!

Contact AAAC Wildlife Removal of Milwaukee for your wildlife issues!

Dead Animal Removal

Unfortunately, dead animals in your house often cause structural damage to the ceiling and insulation. The dead animal may have been trapped inside walls or attacked by another predator and the body may decompose rapidly producing a strong odor that can be detected throughout your house. It will not only smell worse after few days but will also attract other pests like rodents, opossums, and other raccoons.

Dead animals can also cause serious health hazards for anyone who handles a dead animal without protection. They may also cause structural damage due to the removal of other materials, such as insulation, drywall, or carpeting, to completely remove an entire carcass that is often buried beneath surfaces. 

The sooner you contact wildlife control experts for your dead animal problem, the lower the chance that the smell will spread to other areas of your property. 

The Cost of Raccoon Removal Services in Milwaukee

When looking for removal information in Milwaukee, it’s important to understand pricing. The typical price for raccoon control in the U.S. runs as follows:.

  • Least Expensive Cost ($150-300).
    • This is generally the lowest end guys you will find doing removal work. Your mileage may vary.
    • This is also the cost you’d expect to spend on exterior trapping.
  • Realistic Cost ($300-$550).
    • This is for the cost of removal for more serious wild animal control experts in Milwaukee. At this rate, you can anticipate the removal job to be done right and to walk away satisfied.
    • You’ll also see budget removal options in Milwaukee enter this range when they need to trap in your property.
  • Higher cost scenarios ($1000+)
    • This scenario generally suggests that you have a big raccoon removal problem, or it will certainly price in even more major wildlife damage maintenance and repair, decontamination and waste cleaning, plus re-insulation services.

Attic Cleanup and Attic Restoration

An attic cleaning needs to be done by a professional team that has been trained on how to prepare for an infestation as well as clean up. The raccoons probably left fecal matter and urine which can contaminate any area of the house. This includes anything from walls, floors, or even furniture.

As part of your wildlife control program, we will remove all the raccoon droppings and urine to prevent a future infestation. This is done in addition to any other wildlife control services you may need, such as exclusion work or attic restoration.

Damage Repair and Access Point Seal-up

After removing raccoons from your house, you need to make sure that other houseguests can not get in. A solid netting solution, chimney cap, or other barriers will keep this issue from happening once more. Don’t let them in once again. It would be best to contact professionals to handle your wildlife problem.

Our AAAC Wildlife Removal professionals of Milwaukee are certified to make damage repair services and seal these access points so you do not need to bother with your fuzzy pals making a repeat visit!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who removes Raccoons in Wisconsin?

Animal control does not remove raccoons. If you need to remove domestic animals (like cats and dogs) from your property, you can contact your local or Milwaukee County Animal Services. For nuisance wildlife like raccoons, rodents, bats, rats, snakes, squirrels, mice, or any wildlife problem, you would need to contact a Wildlife Removal Company in the Milwaukee area (like us!).

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We are passionate about helping our friends, neighbors, and customers manage their wildlife issues, and keep their homes safe and secure. If you’re struggling with an uninvited guest in your house or yard, give us a call!

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