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Bat Removal Milwaukee

Bats in the attic or flying around your home? AAAC Wildlife Removal of Milwaukee can help! We offer bat removal service to residents of Milwaukee, WI. Our services are available 24 hours a day and we also do bat control. We are happy to help you if you have questions or would like to set an appointment. Give us a call if you want to get rid of bats from your home today!

Flying bat
Bats enter homes through unsealed cracks and vents

We proudly offer wildlife control services to the surrounding areas of Franklin, West Allis, Wauwatosa, Waukesha, Oak Creek, New Berlin, Mequon, Menomonee Falls, Greenfield, Brookfield, Greendale, and more!

It’s not unusual in many parts of the nation to see a tiny flicker of black here and there throughout dawn or dusk. But if you start seeing much more of those flickers in the dark sky than normal around your house, that may be a sign you have a bat family or perhaps a colony living on your property. Pair that with droppings located in your attic, oil discolorations at potential entry points, and the odd chirping noise, and you probably have a bat residing. It may be time to check out bat removal solutions.

Bats in your Attic

Bats find comfort in attics because it is usually dark, warm, and safe. However, it can be a large problem for homeowners. Bats in the attic can cause structural damage to roofs and increase health risks by spreading diseases like histoplasmosis that they carry from their roosts. They leave droppings (also known as “bat guano”) throughout your home which is a serious nuisance when you need to remove bat feces from your attic.

A bat infestation can lead to bats getting tangled in the insulation of your ceiling or droppings all over your home. We recommend hiring a licensed professional company that utilizes humane and advanced wildlife control methods to remove bats from your home.

Contact AAAC Wildlife Removal of Milwaukee for bat removal services today!

Bat Removal vs Extermination in Milwaukee, WI

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin bats are a common problem. Bats will take over your property and then you have to be the one to deal with them. Your first thought could be “Those bats must be exterminated!”, but let me tell you: treating a bat infestation like an insect control issue is a huge mistake.

You might think of hiring animal exterminators or pest control companies who would resort to poison as their first and only weapon to get rid of bats. Not only this is ineffective, but killing bats is illegal. Let bat removal companies handle your uninvited guest.

The best Milwaukee bat removal service providers will know all about how to handle bats without harming them in any way or breaking the law. This means that they will use humane methods and techniques to remove a bat colony from your home or business. Bat removal is the process of removing bats from your house or building with humane methods and without harming the bats themselves.

AAAC Wildlife Removal of Milwaukee will utilize humane bat removal methods for your bat problem. We are also well-experienced in attic clean-up, damage repair work, and entry seal-up. Call us now to schedule an appointment!

Bat Exclusion and Damage Repair

There are much better ways for handling bat infestation like bat exclusion. Instead of trying to lure a bat into a trap, it would be best to make it leave (when they hunt at night) and never let it come back! Did you know that bats are the only mammal with the ability to fly?

The process begins with inspecting the home and identifying areas where bats could find shelter. Once those are found, we remove them from their roosts by sealing up all possible entrances—whether it’s a hole in the roof or an open area. Then, we install one-way doors, which allow bats to exit but prevent them from reentering.

Here’s how we take care of a bat exclusion project:

  1. Invest a LOT of time determining each bat entrance hole into your home
  2. Set up one way doors at each entrance point
  3. Confirm that we’ve excluded all of the bats in your attic
  4. Seal every one of the entrance holes
  5. Clean all of the toxic bat guano in the attic making use of safety devices
  6. Change insulation (if needed)
  7. Fix any type of indoor or outdoor damage

Dead Animal Removal

Dead animals are often left behind and the smell can become unbearable, especially when they start decomposing on your property. It will attract pests like flies, rats, or larger scavengers that could pose a health hazard to people in the area.

The dead animal removal process is not a simple matter. This can be quite complicated because the decomposition process is not uniform and may depend on where the dead animal is located. They could have been on inside walls, on the ceiling, or in your attic.

After removing the dead animals from your property, cleanup and restoration will be necessary in order to make sure everything has been properly taken care of.

The sooner you contact us for your wildlife problem, the better!

Cost of Milwaukee Bat Removal Services

Bats in Milwaukee, WI are often more expensive than other types of control services because of the damage they cause. Costs for services like this are as follows:

  • The ordinary price of small bat removal in Milwaukee alone runs around $400+, generally in a range of $250– $650
  • There is usually a (~ $200) inspection fee, however, that is frequently credited toward the removal cost
  • Removing small to moderate-sized colonies of bats costs somewhere around $300– $8,000 for removal and exclusion in Milwaukee
  • Attic guano cleaning and re-insulation in Milwaukee can add an additional $600– $8,000, relying on the extent of the destruction and dimension of the house

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Animal Control kill bats?

Animal control services in Milwaukee, WI will not kill bats because they are federally protected. They usually refer bat issues to private bat removal companies.

AAAC Wildlife Removal is a company that specializes in humanely trapping and removing bats from homes, buildings, or other structures. Please contact us if you need help with your bat problem in Milwaukee, WI!

Should bats be safeguarded in Wisconsin?

Definitely! Bats are protected in the State of Wisconsin. They are an important part of Milwaukee County and the state of Wisconsin. Were you aware that a bat can chow down on up to 1,200 mosquitos an hour? It would be a dark day if we lost all of our bat colonies.

Did you also know that after rodents, bats comprise almost twenty-five percent of all mammals living on Earth?

What is bat guano?

Bat guano is the waste material of bats made up of three main components: feces (bat waste), uric acid, and urea. This will eventually form into clumps and piles that can appear similar to rats’ droppings. If you shine a flashlight on them after breaking the droppings apart (please use gloves!), you’ll see them sparkle or a twinkle in the light.

Is bat guano harmful to humans?

Yes. Guano can be a major health hazard as it can transmit a fatal fungal infection known as histoplasmosis. It can become a major issue in the home, office, or other buildings where they are found. You can inhale the spores, which are released when the bat droppings decompose. So, we recommend that you let a professional handle the waste cleanup job.

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We are passionate about helping our friends, neighbors, and customers manage their wildlife issues, and keep their homes safe and secure. If you’re struggling with an uninvited guest in your house or yard, give us a call!

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